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Sandra N feat. Veo — French Boy (Habibi)

Sandra N feat. Veo — French Boy (Habibi) (Official Video)


When you kiss me slow, then you let me go
You make me loose control
I can let you know what’s inside my soul
Our love can grow
Please don’t stop, don’t stop
I beg you please don’ t stop don’ t stop
Take my hand and hold me tight
We are strangers in the night
I will never be the same
Baby I tell you my name

Habibi habibi je m’apelle Julia
Habibi habibi send me your love tonight

A french boy, and I met him in the club
Said a word that I didn t understand
In his eyes I ve seen a calling
Followed him and now he’s smiling

Oooo ooo ooo you wanna know my name
Ooo ooo ooo yeah my name

If you want it you got it baby,
Whenever you call.
If she said she wants something
Daddy ready to ball.
If she said she wanna fly
Then we jump on a plane.
This is real love baby
I ain’t playin no games.
I’m in the low low, oh no he ride clean
Slow mo low pros, I’m on seen.
But everything I do man I do for my girl,
Cause that’s my rock, habibi your my world.

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